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An intelligent building is one where every function that needs control is connected by a single protocol, a single data framework and a single application interface.


An introduction to one of the leading authorities on intelligent buildings.

As one of the original pioneers of the intelligent buildings concept CDC retains its position as a market leader, continually developing innovative solutions for the flexible, efficient and integrated management of buildings and estates.

Security, access, fire, safety, energy and climate control – all can be managed and monitored from a single, centralised control room.

A leading authority in existing and new-build projects, CDC operates from an international network of offices in London, Dubai, Istanbul and Beijing. It partners with many world-renowned organisations in the provision of intelligent building solutions and its applications are now used in over 1,000 global locations.

CDC’s intelligent management solutions, powered by its unique Integra™ technology, are employed in a wide range of sectors including: Commercial, Data Centres, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Stadia, Transportation.

News from CDC

CDC signs agreement to provide system integration for Beijing hospital

CDC are working closely with the management of Hospital 309 in Beijing China to provide an integrated security and environmental systems solution along with a Digital Management centre, initially for the Plastic Surgery section of the hospital.

Capgemini Merlin Data Centre mission critical monitoring

CDC’s software is at the heart of the Phase 1 of the project has achieved a site wide PUE of approximately 1.2, and the project has won awards for Green Data Centre of the year, in both the US awarded by the Uptime Institute and in the UK by Data centre Dynamics.

Foton Industries PRC China

CDC software has been adopted by Foton Industries in for systems integration and energy monitoring and powerful analytics for their new automobile factory and campus in Beijing. This major project follows the successful completion of a security systems integration project at another of their facilities in Beijing.

New Investors in CDC

Following the success of the CDC business unit opened in Beijing in 2009, a new JV company has been incorporated in Beijing, funded by local investors, with CDC Investments Limited, the group holding company retaining a minority interest in the enlarged business. The company is managed by Yao Yiqiu, who reported that the change to a local company will ensure CDC captures a greater share of the expanding intelligent buildings business in China.

Westfield London

Following the successful 2009 completion of the systems integration project at Westfield London, CDC London has been awarded an annual support and maintenance contract for the integrated systems solution .

Telenta Sweden

The CDC London office has been awarded an initial pilot project for Integra software licensing and development for use in a large group of Swedish hospitals. The pilot trial will it is hoped be the pre-cursor for a roll out on further hospitals.